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Bermuda profile - Leaders

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II, represented by a governor

Premier: Michael Dunkley

Michael Dunkley was deputy premier when he took over the job of premier in May 2014, following the sudden resignation of Craig Cannonier.

Mr Cannonier stepped down after becoming embroiled in controversy over his alleged dealings with a US property developer.

A successful businessman, the 56-year-old Mr Dunkley has pledged to rebuild the public's confidence in his party and carry on the government's plans for economic revival.

His predecessor Craig Cannonier was a relative newcomer to Bermudan politics when, in December 2012, his One Bermuda Alliance ousted the government of Premier Paula Cox and ended 14 years of rule by the Progressive Labour Party (PLP).

The Alliance was only formed in May 2011 as a merger of the two main opposition groups, the former governing United Bermuda Party and the Bermuda Democratic Alliance, in an effort to stop splitting the anti-PLP vote.

Mrs Cox's government had lost popularity over its inability to counter the impact of four years of economic recession, which had left the normally-affluent islands with an official unemployment rate of eight percent and ballooning indebtedness.