In pictures: Mourning for Chavez

image captionVenezuelans have been reacting to the death of their president of 14 years, Hugo Chavez, at the age of 58.
image captionTens of thousands of Chavez supporters gathered to watch his coffin pass in a procession from the hospital where he died to the military academy, where he is to lie in state.
image captionMr Chavez was a controversial figure who won enduring support among the poor.
image captionA staunch critic of the US, Mr Chavez had many friends in Latin America. Leaders from neighbouring countries joined Vice President Nicolas Maduro and other officials to pay their respects.
image captionMr Chavez died on Tuesday after battling cancer for more than a year and undergoing four operations in Cuba. He had not been seen in public for many months.
image captionHuge crowds had gathered outside the military hospital where Mr Chavez was being treated on Tuesday after the government said he was suffering severe breathing problems and was facing "his most difficult hours".
image captionMr Chavez was at the forefront of Latin America's leftward turn of the last decade, and commanded admiration, even adulation, far beyond Venezuela's borders. Periods of mourning have been declared in Ecuador, Cuba, Argentina and elsewhere.
image captionRussian President Vladimir Putin hailed Chavez as an "extraordinary and strong man who looked into the future and always aimed high".
image captionAntipathy to Mr Chavez also extends far beyond Venezuela. In Florida, opponents celebrated the passing of a man they say was an autocrat who trampled on people's rights.