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Working Lives Ecuador

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Media captionWorking Lives Ecuador: Football Magnate

In a country where football is so popular, it would be hard to find someone who wouldn't be willing to swap jobs with Esteban Paz.

The 43-yea- old is president of Liga de Quito, one of the most successful clubs in the country.

"My love of football started as a kid", he says.

That's because it's very much a family affair.

His father Rodrigo, a former mayor of Quito, was also president of the club and Esteban grew up around the pitch.

He admits the job can be stressful, especially if the team isn't performing well.

These days he spends most mornings at the training ground. But while he invests a lot of time at La Liga, he doesn't get paid for it.

He makes his money from a successful chain of sports-themed restaurants called Sports Planet.

The idea came to him when he was studying in the US.

" I enjoyed this place. They had the biggest burger and the best nachos."

And you can often find Esteban in the kitchen at his restaurants and at home. Not that he has much time to devote to cooking lately, he confesses.

He and his wife Karolina have their hands full with newly born twins and an active 3-year-old who appears as football mad as his father.