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In pictures: Peru inmates stage Jesus Christ Superstar musical

image captionPrisoners in the Peruvian capital, Lima, have marked Holy Week performing the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar
image captionTheir production of the 1971 hit musical by British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber was directed by inmate Freddy Battifora, who also played the lead role
image captionThe musical was performed at the Sarita Colonia jail, with backing from the Catholic Church, as part of a rehabilitation programme for prisoners
image captionThe show, which chronicles the final days of Jesus' life, was meant to give prisoners an opportunity to change their own lives around through theatre
image captionRehearsals began in February, and there was a flurry of excitement among the 80-strong cast of Peruvians and foreigners
image captionThe audience in the prison's open-air patio was made up of other inmates of all nationalities, as dozens of armed guards watched on
image captionThe all-inmate cast, which included women, also sewed the costumes, built the set and worked backstage on sound and special effects
image captionThe vice-director of Peru's prison system, Julio Magan, said the production had shown that, despite their conviction, prisoners had the "right to be re-born"

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