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Rio motorbike ride through favela backstreets

As Brazil basks in the World Cup sunshine, you can get a feel for Rio de Janeiro by taking a hair-raising motorbike ride through its backstreets.

Join moto-taxi driver Felipe Ribas as he rides the twists and turns of Rio's largest shanty down, or favela, Rocinha. (We've speeded up the video a little so you can see more of the place in two minutes.)

Rocinha is home to around 180,000 people crammed into a valley a stone's throw from picture postcard sites of Rio de Janeiro. Rocinha, like other favelas, may lack some basic services and public investment, but the vibrant community manages to find a way to meet its own needs.

Click here to read more about Felipe's life in the favela and meet some of the other residents - from a barber to the local police commander - in our guide to the city within a city.

Image copyright Eduardo Martino

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