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Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman: Australian surfers' remains identified in Mexico

Policemen stand by the van in which two Australian citizens were travelling through Mexico on 21 November 2015 Image copyright AFP
Image caption The surfers' van was found near Navolato, 200km (124 miles) south of where they were last seen

Mexican officials have confirmed that two bodies found in a bunt-out camper van in north-western Sinaloa state last month are those of Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman.

The two 33-year-olds were last seen alive on the night of 20 November in the town of Topolobampo.

They were planning to travel to the city of Guadalajara when they disappeared.

Mexican police have arrested three men in connection with their murder.

Police officials said the three confessed to killing the two surfers when they fought back during an attempted robbery.

Two more suspects are still at large.

Large swathes of Sinaloa are under the control of the drug cartel of the same name.

On Monday, Mexican surfers paid tribute to Mr Lucas and Mr Coleman, originally from Worcestershire, in the UK, by paddling out into the ocean and throwing flowers into the sea.

The president of Mexico's national surfing federation, Luis Skeen, said he hoped the ceremony would show the world that there was a different side to Mexico.

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