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World media praise Rio Olympics ceremony

La Hora, El Deber, Excelsior Image copyright Latin American papers
Image caption Papers in Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico hail an impressive opening to the Games

Media throughout the world celebrate the spectacular ceremony put on by Brazil to mark the opening of the Rio Olympics, despite the serious political and economic difficulties faced by the country.

Many focus on the impressively colourful display used to highlight Brazil's history, culture and natural beauty.

Image copyright New York Times/Wall Street Journal
Image caption The New York Times says that "the opening ceremony dazzled", even though this was "a no-frills, budget-conscious Olympics".

The Washington Post also emphasises the "high appeal" of the ceremony, despite the "gutted budget" the organisers had to work with.

And the Wall Street Journal hails the "flair" that marked the opening ceremony, even though this was "less grandiose" than the ones staged for recent Games in Beijing and London.

In the Russian media, there is applause for what Brazil has managed to achieve on such a limited budget.

The R-Sport news agency declares that Brazil has found "Happiness from poverty", while the news website says that though the opening ceremony was modest compared to those for previous Games, "it was imbued with a carnival atmosphere and a Brazilian flair".

Image copyright R-Sport news agency
Image caption "Happiness from poverty", says R-Sport's headline

In Brazil itself, the media expresses its pride in the way in which the opening ceremony was handled.

O Globo hails the sheer beauty of the event, while the Veja news magazine says the ceremony "showcased a modern, confident and colourful country".

Image copyright O Globo
Image caption O Globo enthuses over the beauty of the spectacle.

A more sombre political note is sounded by the Folha de S. Paulo website, which notes that the ceremony engaged with social causes and was an uncomfortable experience for Brazil's interim president, Michel Temer, who was booed by some in the crowd as he declared the Games open.

Image copyright Folha de S.Paulo
Image caption Folha de S. Paolo says that the Games opened with an impressive ceremony and boos for Temer.

Elsewhere in Latin America, there is also considerable excitement over the event.

Argentina's La Nacion highlights an "emotional opening ceremony", while Colombia's El Espectador focuses on the colourfulness of the event and singles out one of its main themes: concern for environmental issues.

Image copyright El Espectador
Image caption El Espectador says that "how to care for the planet" was an important theme of the ceremony.

In Spain, El Pais says that the ceremony celebrates Brazil's diversity and vitality, and notes that the country finally has a reason to feel proud of what it can achieve.

Image copyright El Pais
Image caption El Pais notes that Brazil is hosting the Olympics while in the throes of an economic crisis.

Two contrasting approaches are offered by the French press. Le Figaro hails the festive atmosphere at the Maracana Stadium, while Le Monde focuses on the uncertain political situation in Brazil.

Image copyright Le Monde
Image caption Le Monde says the ceremony featured both boos and euphoria.

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