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President Maduro condemns Twitter for closing accounts

Venezuela"s President Nicolas Maduro speaking at a meeting with ministers in Caracas (16/062017) Image copyright Reuters
Image caption President Maduro said thousands of Twitter accounts of his followers had been suspended

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has condemned Twitter as an expression of fascism and has accused the US company of persecuting his followers.

Mr Maduro made his comments after some pro-government accounts were suspended.

Among them was that of Radio Miraflores - a station set up by Mr Maduro that broadcasts a weekly salsa show presented by the president.

Mr Maduro called on his followers to publish pictures of Twitter's head in Venezuela.

"Let the people know who is responsible for this manipulation," he said.

It is not clear if Twitter has any employees in Venezuela. The company has so far made no response.

Neither is it clear why the accounts were suspended, or how many have been affected.

President Maduro said thousands had been suspended because his followers were an expression of the truth and were a majority.

Earlier his Information Minister, Ernesto Villegas, said 180 accounts were hit.

Twitter guidelines say accounts can be suspended for tweeting abuse, spam or threatening security.

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