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Brazil's presidential palace rammed by car as Temer under pressure to quit

A worker removes the inscription "Temer Out" written on the street in front of the entrance of the Alvorada Palace presidential residence on 1 September 2016 in Brasilia Image copyright AFP
Image caption Protesters daubed "Temer out" on the street outside the palace in September

A car has rammed the gate of the Brazilian president's palace in the capital Brasilia as pressure grows on Michel Temer to resign.

Security forces fired warning shots and the driver, who is underage, was detained, a government statement said.

Mr Temer was not in the Alvorada Palace at the time.

Brazilian media have shown footage of a gate lying on the ground along with what appear to be a number of spent bullet cartridges.

Earlier, a Supreme Court judge sent a charge of corruption against President Temer to Congress - the next move in a process which could see him removed from office and face trial.

Mr Temer has been indicted for arranging to receive millions of dollars in bribes from a meat-processing company.

He has denied any wrongdoing.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Mr Temer's speech was his first reaction since the bribery charge was filed

The lower house of Congress is expected to vote in the coming weeks on whether to allow him to be tried.

Mr Temer, one-third of his cabinet, four past presidents, and dozens of politicians are either on trial, facing charges or under investigation in a giant three-year corruption inquiry linked to the state oil company.

Since taking office, he has led a market-friendly government which has tried to implement unpopular labour and pension reforms that, he says, are vital for Brazil's economic recovery.

His predecessor as president, leftist Dilma Rousseff, was removed from office following an impeachment vote in the Senate last year. She was accused of illegally manipulating the budget, a charge she strongly denied.

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