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In pictures: Lights go out in Venezuela's capital Caracas

View over Caracas on Thursday evening Image copyright Getty Images

Venezuela is currently in shut down as the country's worst ever power cut continues into its second day, causing all schools and workplaces to close.

People gather outside boarded up shops Image copyright Reuters

The power cut started on Thursday evening in the midst of rush hour, plunging the capital of Caracas into darkness as commuters attempted to make their way home.

People walking home in the dark Image copyright EPA

The power cut comes amid a political crisis, with president Nicolás Maduro facing a challenge from opposition leader Juan Guaidó. President Maduro has blocked humanitarian aid from entering the country, leading to food shortages.

A man walks past an abandoned petrol station Image copyright AFP

The power cut has caused phone networks to stop operating, shops to close and flights to be diverted from the main Caracas airport.

A man rests in a closed down restaurant during the power cut Image copyright Reuters

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez urged Venezuelans to have "a little bit of patience", assuring them that service would be restored in a few hours.

"If you're in your home, stay in your home. If you're in a protected space or at work, it's better for you to stay there," he said.

People walking the streets of Caracas during a power outage Image copyright EPA

On Thursday night, buses were particularly crowed as commuters avoided walking home through the dark streets of Caracas.

A crowded bus Image copyright Reuters

As the metro service in Caracas continued to be on hold into Friday, the streets were filled with people travelling by foot.

People queuing to charge their phones Image copyright Reuters

People have been queuing up in the streets to charge their phone using solar power.

People waiting to board a bus Image copyright Reuters

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