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Shark attack in Egypt: Your reaction

A German woman has been killed by a shark, while snorkelling at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Last week, four people were seriously injured in shark attacks in the area.

The Egyptian authorities had ordered people not to go into the sea but lifted the ban yesterday, after capturing and killing two sharks believed to be responsible for the attacks.

BBC News website readers in Sharm el-Sheikh have been sending in their reaction.

John Upsdale was on holiday at the resort

We flew out to Sharm-el Sheikh last Saturday.

We went swimming and snorkelling in the sea on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But we didn't know that a shark had attacked and so we were oblivious to the danger.

Our holiday reps said the sea had been closed off to the public.

We were suppose to scuba-dive on Thursday. On the night before, we were very close to cancelling the dive, but we thought that we would go and see what was happening.

When we arrived the next day, no one seemed worried. There were lots of boats out with around 150 people snorkelling and scuba-diving.

At around lunchtime, police boats came by to tell people to get away from the sea. But when the police boats left, people resumed their activities and jumped into the water again. However, our guides told us not to go back in.

At the time we didn't know there had been fatalities, only that there were injuries. We only became aware of the situation when one of our guides heard on the phone that someone had died and that two tiger sharks had been captured and killed.

At the hotel, there were warnings about the sharks, but down on the beach you wouldn't have known that anything had happened.

Inna Koval is holidaying at the resort

Image caption Inna Koval said she spotted a shark while snorkelling in Sharm el-Sheikh

I was snorkelling a couple of minutes before this incident at lunchtime. It happened just 100 metres away from me - it came so close!

I heard a man who started to scream very loudly. All I could understand was that something was wrong and the word shark.

I saw the tussle in the water and a tail of a shark for a second above the water.

Many people were still swimming. It happened so suddenly they struggled to get away very quickly.

It was so close to the beach where tourists were allowed to swim. No one expected this because the waters are not deep enough and there is coral everywhere.

A speed boat which was cruising around came by immediately and it circled around the victim and the shark but it couldn't do anything else.

The attack went on for about seven seconds but it was long enough to get its victim.

I am so shocked by this horrible thing that has happened.

Theo Christ is a dive instructor in Sharm el-Sheikh

You may see sharks in July or in August, but usually not so much at this time of the year.

Snorkelers run a higher risk of attack - as they are on the surface of the water, they resemble prey to sharks.

Sharks are usually found in open sea. It is exceptional that they have been seen near the shore.

We have never had problems like this before.

A reason why the attack might have happened is because snorkelers take food to feed the fish in order to get good photos. But sharks come along too.

Also, sharks may be looking for easy prey because they may themselves be old, weak, or injured.

I don't agree with the catching and killing of shark after shark - this is not the right thing to do.

A couple of days ago, divers went on an exploration dive and found the waters were safe, so they were opened.

But tomorrow, I am going with a team of divers to carry out further explorations in the region.

If we see any oceanic whitetip sharks, we will report this to the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports that regulates all diving activities and is linked to the Ministry of Tourism.

Our business of snorkelling and diving is a major part of our tourism industry in Sharm el-Sheikh, and we have been affected by the attacks.

All we can say to people is that they may be able to go into the waters tomorrow - there's nothing we can do but wait.

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