Iran stoning woman Ashtiani 'to sue German journalists'

Image caption, Ashtiani was allowed out of prison to have dinner with her son and daughter

An Iranian woman convicted of adultery and helping her lover murder her husband has said she plans to sue two German journalists arrested after interviewing her son.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani told a news conference the reporters had "embarrassed her", without elaborating.

She was briefly allowed out of jail to have a meal with her son and daughter.

Her son has been released on bail after he was arrested with the two reporters in October.

In his first public meeting with journalists, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh called for the Iranian authorities to spare Ashtiani, saying that his family had lost their father, and did not want to lose their mother too.

Her sentence of death by stoning after being convicted of adultery in 2006 was commuted last July. But reports emerged in September that Iranian courts were instead considering hanging her for her husband's murder.

Mr Ghaderzadeh said he believed she was guilty of the murder charge.


The two German reporters were arrested in the northwestern city of Tabriz in October after reportedly interviewing Mr Ghaderzadeh.

Image caption, Ashtiani's case has sparked worldwide condemnation

Tehran says the pair - identified only as a reporter and a photographer - have admitted to violating Iranian laws.

"I have a complaint about the two Germans who have embarrassed me," Ms Ashtiani told reporters in Tabriz. "Why did they come here? Why did they come here and pose as journalists?"

"I have told Sajjad... to sue the ones who have disgraced me and the country," she said.

Earlier, the 43-year-old mother-of-two was allowed what officials termed an "out of prison visit" with her family.

Journalists were shown a film clip in which she was seen at the guesthouse eating dinner and chatting quietly with her son, according to AFP news agency.

She also told reporters that she was not tortured while in prison, saying: "These are all rumours".

"Whatever interview I have given so far, I have given voluntarily. No one has forced me. I have spoken on my own accord," she said.

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