Iran protests: Your views

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Thousands of opposition supporters have been protesting in Iran, with two people reportedly killed in violent clashes between the protesters and security forces on Monday.

Information has been difficult to gather from people on the ground in Iran, due to communication restrictions, but many have been using social media outlets to send video and updates.

Here is a selection of footage and comments from YouTube and Twitter users in the country:

Videos taken of protests

In this video the crowd chants "God is great" until tear gas is thrown, when the shouts change to "don't run, don't run". The footage was taken on Monday, 14 February.

The translation of the conversation heard in the video below, shot on Monday, is as follows:

First man: "Show this! It is written for news agencies."

Man filming: "Bring up so it will cover your face."

(Written on the white board: Khameni is a murderer! His religious authority is illegitimate!)

Man filming: "Where can I escape if they (Basijies) come for me?"

Another man: "Go home! Where do you live? My place is up there."

Man filming: "Choose a house for me that I can shelter in if they come for me. I was beaten a while ago."

In the video below, shot on Monday, people appear to be trying to lead away a soldier, who is then protected by others, as tear gas is fired in the background.

Twitter updates

People have tweeted about the protests on Monday and reports of further demonstrations on Tuesday:

freedommesenger - @freedommesenger - tweeted: Heavy clashes reported at Vali-asr street today 15 Feb in Tehran.

made_in_iran - @made_in_iran - tweeted: Many clashes around Tehran being reported, not just enghelab square. I hope some videos come out soon.

Iran115 - @Iran115 - tweeted: The regime must know that our protests are peaceful, but the people have the right to defend peaceful protesters.

azadi2011 - @azadi2011 - tweeted: We are ready to go out again. I think the regime is shaken by this. We can feel it in the air.

omidhabibinia - @omidhabibinia - tweeted: Call for continuous demonstrations, the revolution must go on. People asking themselves should we come to the streets again?

GreenQuran - @GreenQuran - tweeted: The internet is very slow in Tehran, people have problems connecting. Daneshjoo News, the key outlet for news on Iran's student movement, appears to be under recurrent attack.