Bahrain protests: Your stories

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Photo: Jalal Aljazeeri

Thousands of anti-government protesters in Bahrain have resumed an occupation of Pearl Square, the focal point of protests in the capital Manama.

Jubilant protesters returned after riot police fired tear gas and shotgun rounds before withdrawing. Reports say some 60 people may have been injured. The army, which guarded the square after using deadly force to clear it on Thursday, was earlier ordered out.

BBC News website readers in Bahrain described their experiences of recent events:

'Anthony', Manama

The whole situation changed very rapidly. The troops lined up and the protesters came the other way.

They met in the middle. The protesters were standing opposite. The riot police came and spoke to protesters, telling them to calm down, be cool, take it easy.

Then the most amazing thing happened. The police retreated to their vehicles and the protesters moved forward and they reclaimed the whole roundabout.

It was a complete carnival, everyone was happy and they were hugging each other. They put one tent up.

I spoke to one of the leaders of the opposition party and they said they had made mistakes earlier in the week, and needed to have more conversations and welcome more young people to find commonality and then work on what they wanted to do.

They also recognised that five days ago, Manama became a no-go area because of the volume of people on the streets and commerce was affected. So things had to change because the economy was affected.

It's now dark, everything is calm, it's a party. Everybody is there enjoying themselves in happiness and peace, everyone having a good time. We've gone full circle to how it was five days ago.

Suhail Algosaibi, Manama

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Suhail Algosaibi witnessed the tanks leaving the area

I was disgusted by the propaganda used by all sides, so when I heard rumours that tanks were leaving the roundabout, I decided to drive there and check for myself.

I saw them leaving but also saw riot police, but I'm not sure if they arrived later or were already there.

The troops were leaving and going towards the base and forming a line. The traffic to the roundabout has been blocked.

I think the media, especially the foreign media, hasn't been paying attention to the other side, the silent majority. They have been focusing only on the protesters and not anyone else.

Mohammed Al-Maskati, Manama

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Mohammed Al-Maskati joined the crowd at Pearl roundabout

The march started at Salmaniya Hospital where people gathered to go to Pearl roundabout. The police then left the area.

The people then jumped the cordoned-off area and reached the roundabout.

First, we were attacked by the police on our way with teargas.

But then there was euphoria at the roundabout [after police withdrew] and it was 14 February all over again.

The barbed wire set up by army was removed by the crowd.

Protesters were walking around with flowers.