Middle Eastern media see end of Gaddafi

Arab media commentators hail what they see as the end of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's rule in Libya, although many fear that his latest speech shows he will not quit without further bloodshed.

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Many fear that Gaddafi's speech means he will not quit without further bloodshed

Pan-Arab TV channels continue to lead on the story, with even usually reticent Syrian satellite TV noting international calls for Libya to halt attacks on its own people.

The pro-Libyan London newspaper a-Arab al-Alamiyah also reported on the disintegration of Colonel Gaddafi's regime. One Saudi paper criticizes the pan-Arab TV station al-Jazeera, which has led the critical coverage of the Libyan leader, accusing it of behaving unprofessionally.

Iranian comment from left and right sees no way out for Colonel Gaddafi, and one Turkish newspaper columnist said former African, British and US allies cannot save him.

Some writers criticise Arab and other states for having tolerated the Libyan regime for so long, and one Israeli commentator calls for Colonel Gaddafi to be put on trial for genocide and shot.

Tariq al-Hamid in the Saudi-owned London newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat

The speech Gaddafi delivered yesterday suggests that the Libyan regime is living out its last moments and has actually lost control over many parts of the country... But it also betrays something that is absolutely terrifying. It implies that the Libyan people are in for some exceptionally difficult, if not downright horrifying, days and that God only knows the scale of the carnage awaiting them. The Colonel has openly threatened to fight his own people to the last drop of his blood, which means that he is going to resort to a scorched-earth policy.

Abd-al-Bari Atwan in the London Arab nationalist newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi

The speech delivered by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi last night is the most dangerous of its kind because every word or expression conveyed an infernal conspiracy. If it is successfully implemented then it would lead to the disintegration of Libya or turn it into a state similar to Somalia, or even an ocean of blood... He was like a blood-thirsty wounded wolf ready to burn the whole of Libya for the sake of maintaining his rule, his tribe's influence and the safety of his followers. We should not underestimate this speech or its author.

Samir Rajab in the Egyptian pro-government newspaper Al-Jumhuriyah

Libya in the last five days has turned into a field of fire. Its people, for the first time, came out and started hurling insults and cursing the "ruler", his sons and daughters! Even government representatives abroad could not stand what the world was seeing... and decided to urge Gaddafi to leave.

Muhammad Bin Suleiman al-Ahidib in the mainstream Saudi newspaper Ukaz

We ask the al-Jazeera TV channel to review all the interviews it has conducted with Gaddafi and it will see that it is part and parcel of the suffering that the Libyan people are currently enduring. Its work lacked professionalism, information and foresight.

Imad Sharif in the Iraqi Communist newspaper Tariq al-Sha'ab

The air is full of slogans such as "Scrap the regime!", "Reform the regime!" or "Down with the Colonel!" because many people in our part of the world want bread, freedom, jobs and equality as they can no longer stand being downtrodden and discriminated against by a few cliquish individuals who insist on monopolising wealth, power and influence even as the disenfranchised majority continue to live in intolerable squalor and destitution. The wonderful bug of change has already been caught by several Arab countries and will soon infect the rest, for our region is too infested with grievances to be immune to the fast-spreading contagion of change.

Pro-Fatah Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds

Arab countries need to take more serious steps to put an end to the adventures of Colonel Gaddafi and his irresponsible behaviour over his long years in power ... At a time when some European countries see him as a friend because of his country's oil, which makes them either keep silent in the face of his crimes or criticise him gently, international human rights organisations should take immediate action against him.

Smadar Peri in mainstream Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot

The world's silence in the face of the massacre is horrifying... Just give him the chance and Gaddafi will murder the entire six million. Does that remind you of something? ... If you really are siding with the Libyan people, put a quick end to the massacre and do not let Gaddafi escape. Give the colonel what he deserves: a court-martial and a bullet in the head.

Hardline Iranian newspaper Jomhuri-ye-Eslami

The Libyan dictator Gadaffi's massacre of innocent people in the country showed his brutal face and his criminal nature hidden behind the mask of a revolutionary figure. It proved he rightly deserves the title of 'mad politician'... In his calculations he expects the Westerners to help him... That is why in threatening the Libyans his criminal and corrupt son warned Westerners that if his father's regime collapses anti-Western movements will take power in the country.

Pro-reform Iranian newspaper Arman

The recent movement by the Libyan people proves that the people of the country are fed up with the hypocrisy of the system. Although Gaddafi and his agents have shown their real faces by suppressing people the dictator would have never thought that the children of Libya would rise against him. The dictator has no option but to bow to the demands of the people.

Ibrahim Karagul in the moderate Islamic Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak

The end of history has come for Colonel Muammar. He will now go to the graveyard of dictators. No power can protect him. And they do not have such power anyway. Neither the African countries, into which he has poured money for decades, nor Britain and the USA, with whom he had improved relations in the last few years, can or will protect him.

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