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Syria: Forces shoot at mourners

At least 12 people have been killed as Syrian forces shot at mourners at funerals for anti-government protesters killed on Friday.

They opened fire at funerals taking place on Saturday in the capital Damascus and near the flashpoint southern town of Deraa, witnesses said.

At least 82 people reportedly died on Friday, the bloodiest day in some five weeks of unrest.

Eyewitnesses in Syria describe the latest events.

Sara, Homs

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Media captionSara: "The more blood there is, the more protesters are increasing"

The protesters didn't provoke the security forces.

They were walking, marching and calling for freedom, they did not have weapons. The forces don't want people to protest.

I am not afraid. I know what I am asking for is my right.

Razan, Damascus

Security shot dead many people in the crowds who were attending funerals of those people who died on Friday.

People were shot in Duma; we have no contact with our friends there since it happened.

There were also shootings in Harasta. There is a huge anger - how can they kill people who are mourning at a funeral?

You can not control people like this, especially people mourning the loss of their family members; friends, brothers, mothers, fathers, sons or daughters.

It is unbelievable!

Anonymous Syrian resident

I was very close, five metres away. I saw more than six people falling to the ground. Anyone close to them who attempted to help was shot at too.

One of the fallen people wasn't dead, he was injured and when someone tried to help, one security guard shot the injured person twice, to make sure he was dead.

We all started running. Two people running next to me were gunned down. I am a very lucky person.

On Saturday I went to the Harasta district to join protesters. There was shooting again, but nothing like Friday, because people didn't hang around they ran away quickly.

The protesters were peaceful. They were carrying olive branches. Their demands are great - they ask for freedom and democracy and I want to support them.

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