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Syria: Eyewitness accounts

Syrian security forces have shot dead three people and injured others, in the north-west, according to reports.

The new deaths come days after the worst bloodshed since unrest began. At least 95 people were reported killed across Syria on Friday and a further 12 on Saturday, as mourners came under fire.

BBC News website readers in Damascus have been reacting to Sunday's developments.


We have heard about different shootings in many cities where there were no people protesting on the streets.

It seems the Syrian security forces are trying to scare people and stop them from protesting.

On Friday there was a huge protest in Damascus, thousands were there, I was there but you can't imagine the security.

There are security check points everywhere, you can not move without being asked where are you going or having to show your ID card.

No-one was killed in Damascus on Sunday. The forces are making communications hard, on Friday my mobile phone was cut off and I was unable to use it.


I have relatives in Harasta and Duma and I haven't been able to contact them for the last 24 hours.

There are snipers on government buildings, security people on flyovers, motorways and bridges. There are tanks as well. You can't go anywhere.

It feels like there is a curfew. It's very quiet. People are afraid and are staying indoors.

The situation is the same outside of Damascus. My wife was in the south, just outside of Deraa. It took her three hours to get to Damascus, instead of half an hour. There were checkpoints every 50 metres. They would stop one car and let the next one go.

They have a list of names of people who've been killed, so they check surnames against those names and if someone turns out to be from the same family - they take the whole family away.

I live not far from a state security unit where they currently have three coaches they use to transport their thugs to wherever they are needed. I think the greatest worry for the government is that the protests are becoming bigger, stronger, more powerful and closer to Damascus.


What happened on Friday shows us what the security forces are preparing for next.

If you continue to take to the streets, asking for your demands, this is what the security forces will do to you, they will shoot you.

We are afraid next Friday there will be even more violence.

The protesters want to continue their fight, they believe in freedom and democracy and want their state to be ruled by law not continue as a security state.

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