Palau profile

The law provides for a free press, and there are no reports of official curbs on internet access.

The senate has twice tried to ban foreign ownership of media. In 2012, a clause to this effect was included in a new telecommunications bill. It was put on hold amid international criticism.

The move was seen as being targeted at a Palau-based TV operation which is partly owned by US nationals.

Costs limit home web access, but the net is available in schools, government buildings, businesses and internet cafes. There were nearly 6,000 internet users by December 2011 (Internetworldstats).

The press

  • Tia Belau - English-language weekly
  • Palau Horizon - English-language weekly
  • Roureur Belau - Palauan weekly


There are no terrestrial over-the-air TV stations based in Palau, but most households have cable TV, which carries US and international channels.


  • WWFM - private FM station, music and speech
  • KRFM - private FM station, music and speech
  • T8AA Eco Paradise - government station, news and speech