Middle East

In quotes: Egypt court rulings reaction

Egypt's constitutional court has issued decisions that the country's parliament - dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood - should be dissolved and that presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq may run in elections this weekend. Here is selection of reactions from politicians and others.

Ahmed Shafiq, presidential candidate

This is a historic decision; the era of score-settling is over. The court has proved that it is not possible for any authority to single people out with its decisions or to exclude others.

Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate

The timing of the ruling is not suitable as people are ahead of the presidential elections run-off vote... However, it should be respected.

Mohamed Al-Beltagy, Muslim Brotherhood MP

[The rulings] amount to a comprehensive coup which is reversing the most noble 16 months in this nation's history... This is the Egypt that Ahmed Shafiq and those behind him want.

Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, former presidential candidate

Retaining the military candidate [Shafiq], dissolving the elected parliament and allowing the military police the right to arrest - a total coup, anyone who imagines that the millions of youths will let this pass is dreaming.

Amr Hamzawy, independent liberal MP

Egypt is paying a dire price for a wrong path that began with the constitutional amendments and having the elections being held before writing a new constitution. I pray for peace in Egypt in such crucial moment.

Hossam Bahgat, human rights activist

Egypt just witnessed the smoothest military coup. We'd be outraged if we weren't so exhausted.

Mohamed el-Baradei, former presidential candidate

Electing a president in the absence of a constitution and parliament is electing an "emperor" with more powers than deposed dictator. A travesty.