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Gaza-Israel conflict: On the ground in Gaza City

Image caption Air strikes have left small bomb craters across Gaza City, the BBC's Paul Danahar says

Israel has launched air strikes on more than 600 targets in Gaza since Wednesday. The BBC's Paul Danahar has visited areas of Gaza City hit by the strikes and spoken to hospital staff who fear they will soon run out of supplies in light of the rising number of injured civilians.

In his tweets (@pdanahar), documented here, he shares in his own words the scenes he witnessed. Please note that some of the description below may be disturbing.

05:00 GMT

Our hotel shaking during another round of strikes on #Gaza A series of very large bangs and it's still going on.

07:00 GMT

#Israel IDF says hit up 150 targets in #Gaza last night & it really felt like it here. Some huge explosions near us shaking whole building.

Our hotel shakes again from incoming [strikes] & I'm hearing rockets going out, so no sign of a ceasefire in #Gaza yet.

If the loud thumps all night was #Israel 1 by 1 methodically hitting #Hamas hidden missile sites, #Gaza must be very leaky with its intel' [intelligence].

09:00 GMT

#Israel does not really want to wipe out the #Hamas leadership because it knows it could end up with Salafists filling the vacuum.

I'm standing before a twisted, smoking pile of metal & concrete which last night was the interior ministry in #Gaza.

It's where I'm told people used to get passports, ID cards & permission for journalists to come into #Gaza.

Image caption All that remains of the Interior Ministry in Gaza City is a "twisted, smoking pile of metal and concrete"

It was one of the 130-150 targets hit in #Gaza overnight by #Israel strikes.

Parts of the interior ministry building in #Gaza are still on fire.

Small bomb craters potmark parts of the #Gaza City. Hard to see what target was, in many cases just a crater in the road.

10:00 GMT

Just met Bassim & his 3 young children who live opposite the interior ministry in #Gaza. He said his kids were "afraid & crying too much".

The windows in his house were blown out, "stones & glass were flying everywhere", he told me standing on his balcony in #Gaza.

BBC Arabic team was in hospital with Egyptian PM when two more bodies were brought in, including 2 year-old-boy from air strike during his trip.

Image caption Bassim, whose family lives opposite the Ministry, says the blast blew out the windows in his house

Bassim & two of his young children who live opposite the interior ministry in #Gaza which is smoking in the background (Picture)

11:00 GMT

I think how the Arab world & #Egypt deal with the present #Gaza conflict will shape the political contours of the region.

Re ceasefire. I took this pic during #Egypt PM #Gaza visit. Can't say for sure what caused smoke rising in background (Picture)

12:00 GMT

A series of rockets just set off not far from our bureau in #Gaza.

The [crisscross] of rocket & missile streams above us in #Gaza (Picture)

This just took off 1km from where we are in #Gaza right in middle of civilian area (Picture)

Four rockets set off in #Gaza & secs later... (Picture)

There was this coming back at them in #Gaza (Picture)


#Israelis keep hitting same area, I suspect trying to hit a team firing rockets (Video)

I'm in Shifa hospital in #Gaza, it's busy but well organised. In front of me a woman with her head bloodied was wheeled [in].

There's a boy around 10 injured by an airstrike while playing in the street who's laying with blood coming from his nose.

Another man has a wound to his right leg just below the knee. None of these present cases are life-threatening.

Now there's an emergency. An elderly man rushed in on a stretcher, covered. He has massive injuries.

Image caption Many of the injured are children, like this girl whose forehead was hit by shrapnel

Once he'd been off loaded to a bed in #Gaza hospital, the stretcher was rushed out again. It was smeared with his blood.

Doctor in Shifa hospital in #Gaza told us: "For 3 days I haven't gone home but the civilian injuries are more & more & more".

Dr Sahabani tells us he doesn't [know] how long their supplies will last. They have enough at present but fear will run out if continues.

Young boy wheeled in with small injury to his back from shrapnel while riding his bike. He's crying but lucky. Missed his spine by inches.

A young woman is squeezing the hand of a toddler who's crying as they dress a wound to her head.


The old man who was rushed into the #Gaza hospital on the stretcher has died.

This little girl got a piece of shrapnel in her forehead. It's a small wound & doctors in #Gaza say she'll be ok (Picture)

The boy who was riding his bike & got back injury (Picture)

Dr Sahabani treating the little girl in #Gaza hospital (Picture)

Just been 3 more airstrikes to add to the total & no doubt more rockets soon. #Gaza #Israel (Picture)

Image caption Air strikes on Gaza have more than doubled in the space of 24 hours to over 600 attacks

Rocket took off less than half a kilometre from our office in #Gaza. It was huge so we are bracing ourselves for an #Israeli response.

BBC colleagues say sirens going off in Jerusalem probably due to rocket that just left us in #Gaza.


By this time yesterday #Israel had fired at 225 targets in #Gaza. The figure now is over 600. That's more than double in 24 hours.

IDF said by yesterday 246 missiles were fired into #Israel. now it's over 550. Shows size of escalation in #Gaza conflict.

Sound of Gaza at night (Sound file) via @audioboo #gaza

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