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Israel and Gaza violence: Voices from across the divide

The Israeli military and militants in Gaza are continuing to trade fire, with the round of violence that has followed Israel's killing of Hamas's military chief showing no sign of abating. Here people from Gaza and Israel share their experiences.

Motasem Dalloul, Gaza City, Gaza, 17:40GMT

There has been a period of calm in Gaza City, but a few hours earlier there were many explosions in several areas.

The last explosion in my area hit a four-storey residential building that was nearly empty but there were still a few people there.

My own house was partially damaged yesterday. All the windows and doors were blown out. So I've left and taken my family to stay with relatives. But nowhere feels safe.

Yesterday everyone went to bed early because there was no electricity. Many areas are without power still, from what I've heard on local radio.

No-one has spoken about food shortages but I have seen long queues of people waiting to pick up bread.

People aren't going to work because of the atmosphere of war. Some fear an Israeli ground operation.

Hen Kinan, Beersheba, Israel, 16:40GMT

Things haven't changed - there are still a lot of missiles coming into this area. I've counted at least nine salvos since about seven in the morning. And each time the alarm goes off its not just one missile but several.

There is still no routine here - no-one is going to work. My university has closed. I've been told it will only start again when the operation is over.

We're not going out of the house - we're staying in the basement. My parents are only leaving the home for basic things like shopping.

I haven't been out of the house for days. The last time I was out the air raid siren caught me whilst I was driving and I had to stop the car and grab some cover - it wasn't a pleasant situation.

My brother has two small children - they panic every time the air raid sirens go off.

I don't know how long this situation will go on for. I don't want to see civilians killed on either side but I support the fight against Hamas as a terror organisation.

Muhammad Abu Shaban, Gaza City, Gaza, 15:40 GMT

We keep hearing explosions. I've heard blasts two or three times every hour today. Some feel close - Gaza City isn't very big.

Right now things are quiet and I haven't heard any explosions for the last 15 minutes.

I'm staying with my family in my home. I haven't been out since Wednesday. We have some food but it won't last forever. We haven't had any electricity for a long time.

In my home my family is just trying as much as possible to stay together - of course it is not easy. We at least feel safer inside the house. My sister lives far away from us but we keep talking to her. She is OK.

We are all expecting the Israel Defense Forces will launch a ground invasion - which would be so bad for both sides: both would sustain losses.

Eyal Hartogs, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel, 12:15GMT

A day before the first attack on Tel Aviv, I told my 12-year-old daughter that if an alarm goes off she has to run into the safety room.

She practised some runs to see if she had enough time to bring some important stuff into the room, before the rocket would strike. The next evening, when the alarm went off, I was at work in my office at an hotel in Tel Aviv.

The guests were mostly panicking, not knowing where to run and hide but the personnel led us to the shelter where we waited it out.

I called home and heard my wife and daughters were in the safety room. Ten minutes later we all went out.

The next day I was home when it happened again and we all took shelter again. We heard an explosion but luckily it did not hit anything.

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