Asian workers die in UAE accident


At least 22 Asian workers have been killed and 24 injured in a road accident in the United Arab Emirates, police say.

A bus transporting workers collided with a lorry carrying construction materials in the Zakhir district of the oasis city of al-Ain.

According to, most of the workers were cleaners of Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin.

Millions of foreign workers, mostly from South Asia, live in the UAE.

The accident took place on the Old Truck Road during morning rush hour.

The lorry ended up on top of the bus, Gen Hussein al-Harithi, director of Abu Dhabi traffic police told state news agency WAM.

He said the lorry had overturned when its brakes failed and that there had not been a safe distance between the two vehicles.

"Twenty-two people were dead at the scene," he said. "There were 24 others injured, and their injuries ranged from minor and moderate to serious."

The lorry was reported to be carrying either gravel or sand.

The per-capita death toll on UAE roads is among the highest in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

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