UK diplomat Sir Vincent Fean flees W Bank university

Media caption,
Protesters mobbed Sir Vincent Fean as he left the university campus

A top British diplomat has been forced to cut short a visit to a West Bank university amid protests from angry Palestinian students.

Demonstrators banged and kicked a car carrying Consul General Sir Vincent Fean as he hurriedly left the campus amid fears for his safety.

Sir Vincent had gone to the university near Ramallah to meet students and give a lecture.

Protesters denounced Britain's support for Israel and shouted at him to leave.

Video footage showed the consul general being ushered back to his car by security officials, surrounded by a crowd of students chanting "Get out of Bir Zeit!"

Some held up posters of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and placards condemning the Balfour Declaration of 1917 - a British pledge of support for the establishment of a Jewish "national home" in Palestine.

Protesters banged the windows and roof and kicked the side of the car as it drove off. A wing-mirror was broken and a picture of a Palestinian prisoner was stuck onto the vehicle.

The consul general was unharmed.

A spokesman for the British Consulate-General in East Jerusalem told Reuters: "Sir Vincent had hoped to underline Britain's deep commitment to the creation of a Palestinian state, and the urgency of progress on the peace process in 2013.

"Sadly, such a dialogue was not possible on this occasion."

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