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Iran travel ban on Saudi diplomat for deadly car crash

Iran has put a travel ban on a Saudi diplomat who was allegedly involved in a deadly drink-driving accident in the capital Tehran.

The ban will remain in place until the case is resolved, Allaedin Boroujerdi, a senior Iranian MP, said.

Iranian officials say a test showed that the Saudi diplomat was drunk.

An Iranian citizen was killed when his car was reportedly hit by the diplomat's vehicle on a motorway in Tehran on 14 March.

A passer-by was also injured in the accident.

Mr Boroujerdi, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, said that although foreign diplomats have diplomatic immunity, "they have to observe the country's regulations".

The Iranian lawmaker said several bottles of alcohol were found in the diplomat's car.

A week after the accident, the Saudi Arabian newspaper al-Watan reported that a spokesman at the Saudi foreign ministry had denied the Iranian claim that their diplomat had been drunk, describing the incident as a regrettable traffic accident.

Iran's foreign ministry has protested to the Saudi embassy about the accident.

Drinking alcohol is forbidden under Iranian law.

Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia have been tense in recent months for a number of reasons including their different policies regarding the conflict in Syrian and the protests in Bahrain.