Protest camp: Rabaa al-Adawiya

A square near Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque has become a protest camp for supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, who was removed from office by the military on 3 July. Find out more about the camp by clicking on the links on the image.



Protesters in helmets

Muslim Brotherhood members guard the entrances to the square to check who is coming in. They man makeshift checkpoints to search bags and check IDs and read the Quran when things are quiet.

Street art

Protesters drawing in the street

Protesters use the streets as a canvas for their political messages.


People seeking shade

People create some shade with improvised tents to shelter from the hot summer sun.

Street vendors

A man selling water

Street vendors sell bottles of water, snacks, prayer mats, hats and sticks.


A crowd listens to a speech

Prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures give speeches from the main stage, where Friday prayers are also held.

Media center

A woman with a flag

Under a banner that reads "The popular coalition in support of legitimacy", a group of pro-Morsi a group of pro-Morsi supporters organise news conferences and help for journalists.

Field hospital

A man having his head bandaged

Doctors and volunteers set up a makeshift hospital where they store medications and help injured protesters.


The army guard a building

The Egyptian army has erected barbed wire barricades around the Republican Guard headquarters, close to Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, blocking pro-Morsi protesters who believe Mr Morsi might be inside.

Photos by Magali Corouge

  • The site of the sit-in camp around the mosque at Rabaa al-Adawiya is normally a busy dual carriageway
  • Clashes between protesters and security forces in the streets around the camp resulted in more than 100 deaths in July
Graphic showing the size of the protest camp around Rabaa  al-Adawiya mosque
  • A second sit-in camp has been established at Nahda Square in the east of the city
  • The Nahda camp lies on a road junction between Cairo University and the city zoo
Graphic showing the size of the protest camp in Nahda Square

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