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Egypt’s media hail Brotherhood leader Badie's arrest

An Egyptian holds Al-Ahram newspaper in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013 fronted by a picture of Mohammed Badie Image copyright AP
Image caption Al-Ahram said the Muslim Brotherhood's leaders "have not shown any political flexibility"

Newspapers in Egypt have hailed the arrest of the most senior leader of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, and scorned the appointment of Mahmoud Ezzat as his successor to the role of general guide, identifying them both with "terrorism" and likening them to "snakes".

They also continue to predict the imminent collapse of the Brotherhood as an organisation.

All mainstream papers have been harshly critical of the Brotherhood since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi in early July, with the lone exception of the Brotherhood's own mouthpiece, the Freedom and Justice Daily.

Freedom and Justice Daily carries commentaries condemning the interim military government's heavy handed tactics against the Islamists and warning that their efforts would ultimately achieve the opposite of their desired effect.

On Mahmoud Badie's arrest

Ali Mahmud in state-owned Al-Ahram al-Masa'i

The fact which the leaders of this group [Muslim Brotherhood] are hiding is that the arrest of the guide is considered the beginning of its end… This step carries the meaning and the message that the state will not be lenient towards terrorism and will not back down in confronting calls for extremism and violence, regardless of who is committing or inciting it.

Mahir Miqlid in state-run Al-Ahram daily

He [Badie] completely refused to think of alternatives. He insisted on just one decision, namely the return of Morsi and legitimacy… In all the incidents that took place, the group's leaders, with the general guide in the lead, have not shown any political flexibility that would have preserved the position of the Brotherhood and prevented bloodshed.

Headline in state-run Rose al-Yusuf daily

The snake has been arrested.

Ahmad Abu-Barakah, Brotherhood adviser, in Freedom and Justice

The arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood's guide is a new link in the chain of criminality of the military coup in Egypt, which has lost all human values and even animal values and taken to methodical killing, physical extermination and collective arrests as its sole means and tool for getting rid of its political rivals.

Adil al-Ansari in Freedom and Justice

If they believe that the arrest of the general guide… will weaken the people or stand as a barrier between them and the revolution, they are deluded and they are not reading the reality correctly and are not monitoring the situation as it really is… If they bet on making some arrests here or committing arson there, and if they think that by doing so they will cow people or strengthen the pillars of their corrupt reign… they are very much deluded.

On Mahmoud Ezzat's appointment

Hani al-Waziri in private Al-Watan

He [Ezzat] has run all the recent plots of the organisation and the violence in Egypt in co-ordination with Hamas. So, for Egyptians he has now become the "guide of chaos" and for the organisation he has become "the guide of the ordeal". He is "the head of the snake".

Jamal Tayi in Rose al-Yusuf daily

The appointment of an alternative guide to replace Badie… proves the confusion of the group… The banned group has breathed its last and has been placed on artificial respiration.

Private Al-Tahrir daily

Ezzat's leadership of the Brotherhood means that it continues to pursue terrorism.

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