In pictures: Faces from Gaza

Images taken by the BBC's Jon Donnison in Gaza reveal the experiences of ordinary people amid the Israeli military operation to destroy tunnels and rockets used by militants. To see more of Jon's pictures, follow him on Twitter @jondonnison.

Image caption A young girl and her mother shelter in a UN school in Rafah. The girl's brother is in hospital after an Israeli bombing.
Image caption Young boys give the victory salute as they take shelter in a UN school in Rafah. More than 300 Palestinian children have been killed in the fighting, according to the UN.
Image caption Three-year-old Aya was injured in Rafah when the family house was bombed as she slept. Aya cries for her mother, but she has been killed.
Image caption Ahmed, left, is being treated for severe burns in hospital in Khan Yunis, watched over by his brother Mahmoud. Their other brother, Mohammed, 17, was killed by Israeli bombing in Rafah. Mahmoud said they had all eaten dinner together and were laughing and joking a few hours before the attack.
Image caption Ali, 11, was injured as he played outside his home in Rafah when an Israeli bomb hit his neighbour's house. Doctors are treating him in the car park of the Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah as all the beds inside are full.
Image caption This young girl picks up fruit juice in Jabalia during one of the humanitarian ceasefires.
Image caption A man in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, enjoys some grapes from his vines while sitting on top of his bombed-out family house. It's the third time the house has been destroyed in conflict in Gaza.
Image caption Meanwhile, this man in Beit Hanoun is happy to retrieve his duck from his damaged home. Beit Hanoun has suffered some of the heaviest Israeli bombardment.
Image caption A young girl picks up what's left of her possessions in Beit Hanoun. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the town.
Image caption Amid the death and destruction, these quadruplets were born in Khan Yunis in Rafah. Mohammed, Yassin, Yahia and Nahla had a combined weight of 7kg (15lb).
Image caption There are long queues for bread in Jabalia. Power cuts mean many bakers have been unable to heat their ovens. Gaza's only power plant was damaged by Israeli bombs.

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