Battle for Kobane: Before and after images

Kurdish forces, backed by US-led air strikes, are continuing to fight Islamic State militants in the northern Syrian town of Kobane. The battle is regarded as a major test of whether the coalition's air campaign can push back the jihadists.

Activists say more than 600 people have been killed since the group launched its assault on the mainly Kurdish town a month ago.

Satellite imagery, released by the UN's Institute for Training and Research (Unitar), reveals how Kobane is suffering amid the conflict. Analysis shows a build-up of vehicles near the Turkish border, widespread building damage as well as a refugee camp set up to accommodate those fleeing the fighting.

Border crossing
Syria border crossing
Syria border crossing

UN analysis shows hundreds of vehicles on the Syrian side of the border clustered around a crossing point. In addition, on the Turkish side, a portion of the ground has been prepared for the storage of cars.

Destroyed buildings
Kobane destruction

Several destroyed buildings - possibly by air strikes - can be seen in the northern part of the town. A large crater is also visible next to the damaged structures.

Refugee camp
Kobane refugee camp

A significant-sized refugee camp can be seen on the Turkish side of the border. More than 160,000 people have fled the town in the face of the IS advance.

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