In pictures: Iraqi photos celebrate daily life away from war

image copyrightInstagram\@lovedaymorris
image captionDisplaced Iraqi children on the way back to their home village

An Iraqi photographer is offering the world an alternative view of his troubled country with a community project documenting the daily lives of ordinary people.

Shots of traditional cuisine, a dressmaker in an Irbil refugee camp and young men fishing on the Euphrates River are all images taken on mobiles phones by people around the country and contributed to his project Everyday Iraq.

image copyrightInstagram\@susannahgg
image captionIraqi woman in her dressmaking shop in a refugee camp in Irbil

Ahmad Mousa, 25, says: "Many people around the world who don't know much about Iraq hear the name and they think of it as a war zone because of what they see and read in the news."

image copyrightInstagram\@ayamansour11
image captionChildren sitting on the pavement in an old neighbourhood in Baghdad

He says on his Facebook page that he wanted to expose people to a more human side of his country. "I wanted to share the everyday life scenes with everyone, document it and put it there in history."

He asks contributors to take pictures on their mobile phones and to post them to a public Instagram account.

image copyrightInstagram\@nooraldeenkj
image captionYoung men fishing on the Euphrates river

Iraq became a battleground for competing forces after the US-led invasion ousted President Saddam Hussein in 2003.

image copyrightInstagram\@ahmadmousa
image captionA boy takes a selfie near heart-shaped light arches in Baghdad during the Eid
image copyrightInstagram\@ahmadmousa
image captionPhoto by Everyday Iraq founder Ahmad Mousa
image copyrightInstagram\@twaiji
image captionA man gives a flower to a soldier near Tahrir Square, Baghdad
image copyrightInstagram\@safaalwan ‎
image captionA woman prepares Iraqi dish Dolma, at her home in Baghdad
image copyrightInstagram\@mattyaqo
image captionA group of cyclists in Dohuk
image copyrightInstagram\@nawartamawi
image captionGirls in Baghdad
image copyrightInstagram\@alkaabi.94
image captionAn Iraqi young man sells pickles in his cart in Shorja market in Baghdad
image copyrightInstagram\@shabiamantoo
image captionTea vendor at the park in Sulaymaniyah
image copyrightInstagram\@ahmadmousa
image captionIraqis release candle balloons in the air celebrating Nowruz

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