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Iraq conflict: IS suicide attack on wedding kills 17

Remains of car destroyed in bombing at Amiryat Falluja Image copyright Reuters
Image caption So-called Islamic State said it was behind the attack

A suicide car bomb attack on a wedding west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 17 people and injured many more.

The Islamic State group (IS) said it carried out the attack in the town of Ameriyat Falluja, and had targeted local Sunni Muslim officials.

Young men from the area have joined a Sunni tribal militia which has been fighting IS.

It was the second attack claimed by IS in the region in recent days.

On Monday, twin suicide bombings killed at least six people in the city of Falluja, which is north-west of Ameriyat Falluja.

In June, Iraqi forces declared Falluja "fully liberated" from IS after more than a month of heavy fighting.

The jihadist group is under intense pressure further north where a month-long government offensive is trying to drive them out of the city of Mosul.

Bad weather on Thursday forced Iraqi forces to pause their advance. The military said poor visibility was hindering the ability of warplanes to provide cover.

IS fighters were putting up fierce resistance, using snipers, booby traps and suicide car bombs but the army said troops would secure eastern areas they had entered.