Terror suspect arrested in Rotterdam in possession of Kalashnikov

The Kalashnikov that was taken from the house Image copyright Openbaar Ministerie
Image caption This weapon was seized from the suspect's house

Police in Rotterdam have arrested a 30-year-old man suspected of preparing an "act of terrorism", prosecutors say.

They found a Kalashnikov with two full magazines, and a painting depicting an Islamic State flag, when they entered his home on Wednesday, according to the prosecutor's office.

Police also seized four boxes of illegal fireworks, mobile telephones, and €1600 ($1690; £1430) in cash.

Local media say the suspect, whose identity was not released, is Dutch.

Dutch authorities announced the arrest on Friday, after the suspect appeared before an investigating judge in the port city of Rotterdam.

He will be detained for two weeks.

Special detectives acted on information from the Dutch secret service.

It is unclear what authorities believe the man had intended to do, whether he had links with the so-called Islamic State group, or whether he had been in Syria or Iraq.

The Netherlands is currently on a terror threat level four out of five, meaning there is a real chance of an attack, but no concrete evidence.

According to a report published last month by the National Co-ordinator for Security and Counter-terrorism, there is concern that returning jihadists could be a threat to security in the Netherlands.

The report says it expects the number of people returning to the Netherlands from Syria and Iraq to increase, as Islamic State loses ground in those countries.