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Russia questions US Himars missile deployment in Syria

A Syrian tank near Tanf, 12 June Image copyright AFP
Image caption The government says it has advanced up to Tanf

The Russian defence ministry has raised concerns about US multiple-rocket launchers being deployed at a base in eastern Syria.

It said it was not impossible the two Himars launchers being set up in al-Tanf would be used against troops fighting so-called Islamic State.

The launchers were reportedly brought in from Jordan to Tanf, which is used by rebels and Western special forces.

US aircraft bombed a government convoy in the area last month.

Syrian- and Iranian-backed militiamen had reportedly been moving towards the base, located in a sparsely populated desert region.

Russia is the Syrian government's main military ally.

"It's not impossible that similar attacks on Syrian forces will be continued in the future - this time, using Himars," the Russian defence ministry said.

The Syrian government said this week it had regained territory in the Tanf area.

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