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Trump mocked in Iran cartoon competition

Iranian cartoonist Hadi Asadi poses for a picture with a trophy and an award next to cartoons of US President Donald . Trump, at an exhibition of the Islamic Republic's 2017 International Trumpism cartoon and caricature contest, in the capital Tehran on 3 July 2017. Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption Hadi Asadi's winning image shows the US president drooling on books and his flaming hair creating a world map out of smoke

Hundreds of cartoonists from around the world have taken part in a competition in Iran attacking Donald Trump.

The winning image, by Hadi Asadi from Iran, shows the US president wearing a jacket of dollar bills and with burning yellow hair.

Organisers of the Trumpism exhibition in Tehran have held similar contests in the past on themes including the Islamic State group and the Holocaust.

This year's logo is based on the Nazi emblem, with a T instead of a swastika.

It encouraged many comparisons between the US president and Nazism.

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption References to Nazism are a common sight in the exhibition

"The 'ism' in Trumpism is a reference to racism and Nazism," organiser Masuod Shojai Tabatabaei told the Associated Press.

"Many believe his remarks are similar to Hitler. He has had a bad attitude toward media [and] refugees."

The group's Holocaust-themed cartoon contest last year drew condemnation from Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

But organisers said it was designed to highlight Western double standards on free speech rather than cast doubt on the Nazi genocide.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Comparisons to Nazi Germany have abounded in not so diplomatic discourse about Donald Trump

Others depictions in this year's competition drew on Mr Trump's promises to build a wall on the US-Mexican border as well as violence against women and attacks on the media.

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption Iranian reformist cleric Mahmoud Doaei looks at cartoons mocking Mr Trump's wall pledge and view of nationhood
Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption The US president is depicted forcing the First Lady Melania Trump to smile using gold chains
Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption This cartoon shows the leader as childish

Entrants include several cartoonists from the US and the UK.

American Clayton Jones's artwork shows the cover of two copies of Time magazine, one with President Trump's picture and the other with Adolf Hitler.

They are both are portrayed as Time's Person of the Year with Mr Trump telling Hitler: "It is a great honor" and in return Hitler replies "Ja."

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption Entries came from cartoonists around the world including American Clayton Jones, whose work can be seen on the left

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