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New Focus for 2018: Digital Journalism

The world of journalism is, yet again, being revolutionized. More and more people get their news electronically, while more still access information via hand held devices on the go. As a consequence, digital journalism is emerging as an interactive multimedia form of storytelling. What people don't have time for in terms of reading reports, they are making up for by accessing the full story through images, video, or sound embedded onto maps, blogs, or time lines. At times these will also include immersive film, 360 degree views, and even 'news gaming'. The possibilities, much like our digital scope today, are endless.

We are currently organizing a day of events that will focus on different areas of the world of digital journalism involving key players from the industry:Text is Dead. Or at least that is what they have been saying since the onset of online news and web-based media. Today we are seeing more and more people, young and old, going paperless, consuming news bytes and actively interacting with information. Animated infographics, immersive maps and virtual reality are creating news settings for understanding, and even experiencing, the news. But all this is just the beginning. This panel will demonstrate examples of innovative storytelling created for and consumed via the web and mobile today.

Visit this website for updates on this event. The full programme will be announced in March 2018.

Image caption BBC Arabic Festival