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Jordan unveils underwater museum of military vehicles

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image captionNinteen decommissioned pieces of military hardware have been submerged at depths of up to 92ft (28m)

Jordan has unveiled its first underwater military museum off the coast of Aqaba.

At a ceremony on Wednesday, the kingdom sank several military vehicles, including tanks, troop carriers and a helicopter.

The vehicles, imitating a battle formation, have been stationed at a coral reef in the Red Sea.

Local authorities said the display offers a "new type" of museum experience for visiting tourists.

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) added that it would combine "sports, environment and exhibits".

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image captionA military helicopter, donated by the Jordanian Royal Air Force, was one of several military vehicles submerged at the ceremony
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image captionAqaba's Special Economic Zone Authority told Jordan Times that all hazardous materials were removed before the vehicles were submerged
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image captionThe museum will be accessible to snorkelers, scuba divers and tourists using glass-floored boats
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image captionCoral reefs in the northern Red Sea are a popular destination for divers and other tourists

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