How BBC World Service is run and funded

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BBC World Service is funded by the UK government through Parliamentary Grant-in-Aid.

The Parliamentary Grant-in-Aid is administered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). It is not subsidised by the Licence Fee.

However, as part of the UK government's Spending Review in October 2010, it was agreed that funding for BBC World Service would transfer to the Licence Fee from 2014/15 onward.

On 26 January 2011, the Director, BBC World Service Peter Horrocks, announced cuts to language services and radio broadcasts to meet the tough Spending Review settlement, including the closure of five language services.

The FCO is involved in the process of deciding which languages are broadcast. All editorial control rests entirely with the BBC. The relationship between BBC World Service and the FCO is governed by two documents, the Broadcasting Agreement and the Financial Memorandum.

Royal Charter

The BBC, including BBC World Service, is established under a Royal Charter. The current Charter came into force in 2007 and runs until the end of 2016. It explicitly recognises the BBC's editorial independence and sets out its public purposes.

BBC Trust

Like the rest of the BBC, BBC World Service is accountable to the BBC Trust, appointed under the Royal Charter to act as trustees for the public interest and oversee all BBC activities.

BBC World Service Board

BBC World Service Board has operational responsibility for all output and services.

It includes members who have a wider remit across BBC Global News, with responsibilities for international news products and services, as well as BBC World Service.

The Board reports to the Global News Direction Group.

The members of the BBC World Service Board are:

Peter Horrocks, Director, BBC World Service & BBC World Service Accounting Officer. Responsible for the overall editorial leadership and management of BBC World Service. Peter is also Director, BBC Global News.

Behrouz Afagh, Head of Journalism, BBC World Service

Nikki Clarke, Head of Journalism, BBC World Service

Jim Egan, Controller, Strategy & Distribution, BBC Global News

Liliane Landor, Controller, Languages, BBC Global News

James Montgomery, Controller, Digital & Technology, BBC Global News

Sanjay Nazerali, Brand Director, Marketing, Communications and Audiences, Journalism

Lindsey North, Controller, Legal, Rights & Compliance, BBC Global News

Richard Porter, Acting Controller, English, BBC Global News

Richard Thomas, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Finance, BBC World Service & Global News

Richard Thurston, Head of Human Resources & Development, BBC Global News

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