How to find a listening schedule where you are

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The schedules search allows you to generate a daily or weekly schedule for the city in which you want to listen.

When you enter the nearest city in the box on the schedules page and click Go, you will be offered schedules for short-wave radio broadcasts, FM and MW relays, satellite and cable, where available.

Programme times are shown in the local time of the listening area you have chosen.

Certain schedules show GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as well.

There is a brief description of each programme and a link to the programme web page, where you can also listen on demand.

The daily short-wave schedules show the relevant frequencies for the chosen listening area next to programme titles (when frequencies are open for that area).

Weekly short-wave schedules do not show frequencies, but as frequencies do not vary from day to day, refer to the daily schedule or use the frequency charts.