Why the Real Media format is no longer available

  • Published

From the end of March 2011, you will no longer be able to watch our videos or listen to our audio, in Real Media format.

All of our broadcasts will still be available in Windows Media and Flash.

BBCworldservice.com has been providing audio broadcasts in Real Media format since 1998.

However, the use of this format has been in steady decline since we launched Windows Media streams in 2003 and with the introduction of Flash audio and video in 2008, Real Media has become our least used format.

At its current level of use, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive for us to continue to support it.

This decision follows the BBC's announcement in October 2009 when we started to phase out the use of Real Media in the UK. This was completed on 31 March 2010.

We are now ending our Real Media broadcasts internationally. There will be a phased approach to this process, starting with our live and on-demand streams from 14 March 2011.

What alternatives are there?

All of our content is currently available in Flash and Windows Media formats.

If you currently use Real Media as your choice of format, you will need to change the way you listen and watch by using Windows Media or Flash formats.

Will I need to do anything?

When we stop providing Real Media audio and video, you will no longer be able to choose the Real Media format.

Your computer should automatically select Windows Media as a default.

If you have bookmarked our audio and video inside your RealPlayer, this will no longer work, and you should visit our site to update your links.