What is the BBC Global News Direction Group?


BBC Global News is the BBC's international news and information division.

It includes BBC World Service, the international English language TV channel BBC World News, the international online news service bbc.com/news, the global media tracking service BBC Monitoring; and the international charity BBC World Service Trust.

BBC Global News Direction Group is responsible for managing the division.

The members are:

Peter Horrocks, Director, BBC Global News. Peter is also Director and Accounting Officer of BBC World Service, Chief Executive Officer of BBC World News Limited, and Chair of BBC World Service Trust.

Jim Egan, Controller, Strategy & Distribution, BBC Global News

Liliane Landor, Controller, Languages, BBC Global News

James Montgomery, Controller, Digital & Technology, BBC Global News

Sanjay Nazerali, Brand Director, Marketing, Communications and Audiences, Journalism

Lindsey North, Controller, Legal, Rights & Compliance, BBC Global News

Caroline Nursey, Director, BBC World Service Trust

Richard Porter, Acting Controller, English, BBC Global News

Richard Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, BBC World Service & Global News

Richard Thurston, Head of Human Resources & Development, BBC Global News

Chris Westcott, Director, BBC Monitoring

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