New world radio and TV page

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Welcome to the new world radio and TV page.

This page brings together the best of our international news programmes.

Our A-Z programme finder takes you straight to the content that matters - the programmes themselves.

Here, you can listen again and find out more about all our programmes - both your favourites, and new things you've yet to discover.

If you are looking for BBC World News TV programmes, you can browse using the finder.

Schedule details can be found on individual programme pages.

New look for BBC World Service

Meanwhile, if you are a regular visitor to you may have noticed that we have had something of a makeover.

Our design is clean and easier to navigate.

2011 has been a year of massive global stories, from the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions through to war in Libya, the Japanese earthquake and now the events in Ivory Coast.

The new design will make it easier to keep track of what's going on and this applies not just to our award-winning global news coverage, but also to the in-depth documentaries and feature programmes that tell you not just what's happening, but why.

But despite the change in look and feel, our agenda remains the same.

Here we will be showcasing the best of BBC World Service content - and using text, audio and video to bring you the highlights from our programmes.

Links to our schedules and frequencies will ensure that you never miss a programme.

Meanwhile, social media links enable you to share and engage with the day's global news and regular blogs such as World Have Your Say, remain committed to engaging the audience in a global conversation.

We hope you'll find the new look site easy to use and if you have any thoughts about our website, please let us know on the Over To You blog.

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