Earth Reporters

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Earth Reporter for programme one is Cheikh Mamadou Abiboulaye Dieye, the Mayor of St Louis, Senegal

Earth Reporters combines powerful journalism with first-person narratives from around the world.

As well as My City And Your City - the mayor's story from Saint Louis - four more Earth Reporters feature the work of polar scientists battling the Arctic winter to collect unique data; oceanographers struggling to unlock the secrets of the oceans; the animal health researchers on the verge of eradicating a devastating disease that has decimated livestock and human populations worldwide; and the dedicated PHD student covering the controversial debate over building hydro-electric dams on the Mekong river.

Earth Reporters is a five-part series which started on 7 May. The programme is broadcast on Saturdays at 0130 and 0830, and on Sundays at 1430 and 2030 GMT.