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Working Lives Toulouse: Waitress

Driven by enthusiasm for hard work, waitress Fatima Chejjar has her eyes on long-term goals.

Ms Chejjar is a slight 24-year-old who radiates energy, which she channels into her job as a waitress in the busy Toulouse restaurant El Fassia, which she runs with her sister Hanane.

"I work all the days I can," she says, "seven days a week. I have the afternoon and mornings for sleep." In fact she waitresses in two restaurants, adding to her working hours. She makes about $22,000 (£13,900) every year.

She has bought a house in Morocco where she was born and is looking to buy an apartment there to add to her property portfolio.

She took French nationality as a young adult but loves both countries. El Fassia serves Moroccan food and her aim is to run a French restaurant, serving French food, in a Moroccan town.

Interior design is also one of her dream jobs.