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Working Lives: Krakow

Maria Wierzbanowska never set out to be a tram driver and admits her university peers are surprised by her chosen career.

Ms Wierzbanowska had always wanted to work in the public sector and her degree in public sector management was to put her on the right path.

However, the increasingly competitive job market meant that she received numerous rejection letters. So when her application to become a tram driver was successful she jumped at the chance. And she has not looked back.

Three years later Ms Wierzbanowska says she finds the job really satisfying. She thinks it is remarkable she can manoeuvre such a big vehicle and laughs when she says she only learnt to drive a car a year ago. She earns around $1,200 (£750) a month.

She enjoys interacting with the passengers and loves it when they bring their pets on board. One day she hopes to move into management but she wants to stay within the same transport company.