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Working Lives: Krakow

Karolina Kasza has big ambitions; she dreams of running her own hotel.

To achieve this she is combining her part-time degree course with work as a waitress.

Ms Kasza's studies in hotel and recreation are paid for by her parents so the money she earns is spent on supporting herself. She is very pragmatic and says her experience at the Pod Aniolami restaurant in Krakow's medieval centre will help her fulfil her long-term dream.

She does not think Europe's economic crisis has had a negative impact on tourist numbers. Instead, she believes the many attractions Krakow has to offer keeps visitors flooding in.

However, she admits the winter months can be difficult and she sometimes has to ask her parents for more money. In the summer she can more than double her basic salary of $200 (£125) a month through tips.

At her restaurant the tips are not shared out so she receives the full amount left by each table she waits on. She knows it is in her interests to keep her customers happy but says this is a pleasure rather than a chore.