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Working Lives Turkey: Blacksmith

"Kebabs cannot exist without skewers." So, runs the logic of blacksmith Erol Gurban, it pays to make the skewers.

"In our culture here in Gaziantep, food means kebabs. On Sundays, rich, poor, old and young, every single soul has to eat kebabs."

Mr Gurban has spent 45 years working the forge in the old market. He specialises in making the shish, the metal skewer on which meat is grilled.

It is not a career he actively chose.

"We had to accept what was decided. We had to keep the tradition going," he says. He learned the trade from his father.

But far from resenting that lack of choice, Mr Gurban travels the age-old path of the blacksmith with joy.

He says he will feel empty if he retires, and will never complain about his job.

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