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Working Lives Turkey: Teacher

When Sultan Ulu teaches English to her class at a private school in, she says she doesn't just teach English.

"Teaching is life," she explains.

And she herself has had an eventful life. Born in Afghanistan, she fled with her family after the Russian invasion, first to Islamabad in Pakistan and then finally to Gaziantep. Her life as a language teacher began at a young age.

"When I arrived in Pakistan I was a little girl and I didn't speak a word of Urdu but I became the one that would be taken to the bazaar to translate."

When the family moved to Turkey she had to learn another language from scratch. Now a mother of two, she considers herself Turkish.

She has been accepted into Gaziantep and has made it her mission to spread the tolerance she feels is extended to newcomers to the city, even in turbulent times.

"We know there are a lot of Syrian people here since the war, we live together in the same communities and so far we haven't faced serious problems, so that shows there is tolerance."

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