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World Have Your Say: The Future Of China

Image caption Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping

On Tue 23rd October, 1100-1300GMT, World Have Your Say and BBC Chinese are coming together to discuss the future of China with you - live on BBC World Service.

With a leadership transition expected there two days after the US election, many of you are intrigued about what the new guard might mean for China and its place in the world.

Time magazine's latest cover talks about The Next Leader of the Unfree World - is that how you see China?

This BBC piece profiles the people who might soon be in charge in Beijing.

We'll connect an audience in London with guests in Beijing, Shenzhen, Washington, Nairobi and beyond.

Would you like to ask them a question or raise a particular issue? You can use your webcam or phone to send us a video with your question: this page tells you now.

You can also tweet with the hashtag #bbcchina or send us an email to

If you'd rather get involved in a language other than English, you'll be able to do so through the BBC's 27 language services (and we'll translate those comments so you'll know what people are saying if you follow us in English).

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