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Working Lives: Maputo

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Media captionWATCH: Working Lives Maputo: Juneida Lalgy, a transport tycoon who runs one of the country's largest companies.

Juneida Lalgy has always had a passion for lorries and as a young man he persuaded his father to finance two vehicles in 1989.

What started as a vegetable delivery business grew into a company delivering food aid to a population starving after the Mozambique civil war which ended in the early 1990s.

Both Juneida and his lorries were on the frontline. Despite the ceasefire there were still incidents of violence.

"The worst moment was in a convoy when we were attacked and fled. I lost friends," he recalls.

"In some places there were no roads. The lorries got stuck in the mud."

Hence the company slogan: "Where the road ends, we carry on."

He regrets that being the boss means no longer being a driver. However, Juneida's tenacity, and the talents of his sisters and brother in the business, has paid off.

Lalgy Transport now has 700 lorries and contracts to transport coal from the vast newly-developed coal fields in central Mozambique to port.

Owning one of Mozambique's largest private companies has also provided Juneida with the means to help others, from his local football team to a school near the office.

"One day I saw the children studying under a tree," he recounts. Within a few months, he had financed four new classrooms with desks and more are on the way.

"At least they can study properly," he says.