Pakistan floods: Eyewitness account

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Pakistan's floods have already affected 14 million people and the monsoon rains show little sign of abating.

Abdul Wahid, an IT expert working in Islamabad, was in his native village of Khall in the North-West Frontier Province when the floods begun.

He told the BBC of the human loss suffered by his village.

Abdul Wahid witnessed a devastating scene in his home village

When the floods started at the end of July a house by the river got swept away.

It belonged to poor people and was made only of wood.

The river broke its banks in the evening. Seven people who were in the house found themselves stranded in flood water where their house used to be.

They stood in the water throughout the night. The people of the village looked on, trying to give them tips to survive.

We called the government and asked them for help. They said they had no facilities in our area, no helicopters or people who could assist them.

Early the following morning, four of them - a father with his two children and his neighbour - tried to cross the river by stepping into the gushing water.

But they got swept away. Their bodies haven't been found yet and their families are still looking.

The rest of the group survived, we managed to help them to safety.

I'm now in Islamabad at work and I can't contact my family back in Khall. There is still no electricity there, no communication and no media.

I'm sending you this video because I want to show the world what is happening in Pakistan.

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