Three killed in Kashmir gun fight

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Two suspected militants and a soldier have died in a gun battle in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.

Three people, including an army major and a policeman, have been injured in the fighting in Rajouri district.

The fighting between the militants and security forces began on Sunday and continued overnight.

Despite a decline in violence in Kashmir in recent years, there are fears that militants are trying to regroup.

On Monday morning, police said the fighting, in which "two militants, belonging to [the Pakistan-based] Lashkar-e-Taiba (Soldiers of the Pure) group were killed along with an army soldier", was still continuing.

Heavy rains in the region were hindering the operation in the remote mountainous forests of Shahdhara area, the police said.

Meanwhile, a policeman in Indian-administered Kashmir who threw a shoe at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah during India's independence day celebrations in Srinagar on Sunday is being questioned.

The shoe did not hit Mr Abdullah, who continued with the ceremony.

A statement issued by the police said that the show-thrower, Abdul Ahad Jan, was a "suspended policeman."

"During interrogation, he revealed that he had been approached by a leader of a political party," the police statement said, without identifying the party.

In the past two months, the Kashmir Valley has been rocked by clashes between protesters and Indian forces that have left more than 50 civilians dead.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian troops are based in Muslim-majority Kashmir fighting a two-decade insurgency.

Anti-India sentiment runs deep in the region, over which India and Pakistan both claim sovereignty and have fought two wars.